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Thursday, April 02, 2009



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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Boston Tea Party …(100 Years)

The Iraq war has reached the five year mark since the fall of the Saddam statue. General Petraeus was asked by congressional members this week about when the war will end. Barack Obama has been misrepresenting John McCain’s statement of a military presence in Iraq for the next 100 years. Democrats want to define war as a finite amount of time. Evidently, the end should be whenever America decides it should be.

Most wars throughout the world’s history have ended with the surrender of one side to the other. On a vacation to Hawaii a few years ago, my family and I toured the battleship USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor. We saw the exact spot where Japan surrendered to MacArthur on September 2, 1945 ending World War II. The surrender was brought about by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by President Truman. The end of the war was celebrated by Americans at the time.

Today the American bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is criticized by many far left Democrats. An example of this criticism can be seen in Barack Obama’s mentor reverend Wright’s rants from the pulpit. This bombing saved thousands of American soldier’s lives and brought an end to a war that could have gone on for many more years. This week in a similar condemnation Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia said this about John McCain, “McCain was a fighter pilot, who dropped laser-guided missiles from 35,000 feet. He was long gone when they hit. What happened when they [the missiles] get to the ground? He doesn’t know. You have to care about the lives of people. McCain never gets into those issues.”

The left has now reached the point where America is damned if they do and damned if they don’t when it comes to war. America and its soldiers are bad for doing what is necessary militarily to win a war and is bad if a war takes to long. Barack Obama asked general Petraeus when this war would end. The answer is and always should be when America wins. How do we win? We win when the other side surrenders or ceases terrorist attacks against the United States and its allies. How long will it last? The time frame is dependant upon the enemy.

If we left Iraq and only fought in Afghanistan as Democrats recommend would we be able to predict an end to the war against radical Islam? Afghanistan would be come the gathering place for al-Qaeda to fight America. It is highly likely the Democrats would be asking us to leave Afghanistan before victory was accomplished if it lasted five years. The fact is victory only happens when the enemy quits or is forced to quit. Any time frame is irrelevant. If the enemy wants to fight for 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 years more in Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan or anywhere else in the world we must be willing to challenge them year after year after year until the end of time if that is what it takes. Radical Islam must be defeated both through political and military means and until then as is said about war, time stands still.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Boston Tea Party ...(Chug-a-chug-a-choo-choo)

I have been writing over the past couple of months about the Democratic "Train Wreck". This is a continuation of that theme. The followng is sung to the music of the song "It's My Party" by Lesley Gore.

It’s my party and I’ll lie if I want to
Lie if I want to, lie if I want to
You would lie too if it happened to you

Nobody knows where my coronation has gone
But my experience should have worked this time
Why does Barak now hold the upper hand
When the nomination was supposed to be mine

It’s my party and I’ll lie if I want to
Lie if I want to, lie if I want to
You would lie too if it happened to you

Then all my advisors keep me awake all night
But attacking is all I can do for a while
Till Barack is even with me
I’ve got no reason to smile

It’s my party and I’ll lie if I want to
Lie if I want to, lie if I want to
You would lie too if it happened to you

Michelle and Barack just walked through the door
Like a queen with her king
Oh what an unexpected surprise
I am losing this thing

It’s my party and I’ll lie if I want to
Lie if I want to, lie if I want to
You would lie too if it happened to you

My experience is what sets us apart
So I embellished when I said I ran from fire
Why is it such a big deal
You would too if your situation were dire

It’s my party and I’ll lie if I want to
Lie if I want to, lie if I want to
You would lie too if it happened to you

Time is running out
They say I have no chance to win
Pennsylvania must come through
Or I will be left to think of what might have been

It’s my party and I’ll lie if I want to
Lie if I want to, lie if I want to
You would lie too if it happened to you

Don’t they see the truth about his church
When he speaks most cheer and others feint
The media refuses to be fair
I swear it’s as if he is already been ordained a saint

It’s my party and I’ll lie if I want to
Lie if I want to, lie if I want to
You would lie too if it happened to you

Oh-oh-oh It's my party and I'll lie if I want to
Lie if I want to, lie if I want to.....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Boston Tea Party ...(Savior Or)

I was impressed. I was optimistic. Now I am just confused. In the beginning it seemed Barack Obama was a different black candidate for President. He ran a campaign without raising old racial arguments. It was admirable and for that reason I was impressed. It was the Clinton’s who tried to make race an issue. This followed their mantra of anything to win. Obama beat the Clintons by offering a different path than the past. I figured since Obama and Clinton really didn’t differ much on the issues, if we were going to have a liberal President, it might as well be the guy with class. I thought if an Obama victory were to happen at least we would have put the race issue behind us. I was optimistic. Now, I am confused.

After the news of Mr. Obama’s reverend over the past week and his speech yesterday about said reverend I don’t see race relations getting any better anytime soon. I agree with Obama when he said, “We do not need to recite here the history of racial injustice in this country. But we do need to remind ourselves that so many of the disparities that exist in the African-American community today can be directly traced to inequalities passed on from an earlier generation that suffered under the brutal legacy of slavery and Jim Crow…This is the reality in which Reverend Wright and other African-Americans of his generation grew up.” I also agree when he states, “Most working- and middle-class white Americans don't feel that they have been particularly privileged by their race. Their experience is the immigrant experience - as far as they're concerned, no one's handed them anything, they've built it from scratch.”

In his speech Obama told us he is in a unique position to understand both sides of the racial divide because he has a black and a white parent. He said his family is made up of people of all colors. He even has a grandma who has made insensitive racial comments in front of him. Again, this seems perfectly plausible, but it is also where I start to get confused. It is now been shown on YouTube and being reported by media that Reverend James David Manning of the ATLAH Worldwide Church in Harlem on February 16, 2008 called Barack Obama the devil for having been born by a white mother. So is he a savior or the devil?

We have two Christian reverends, Wright and Manning, preaching disgusting themes. They are each fueling racial stereotypes against both white and black people and their congregations are standing up and cheering them. On several news shows over the past few days I have seen well educated black religious experts equivocate when asked if they believe the U.S. government intentionally gave AIDS to black men. I think it would certainly help race relations if this type of preaching were eliminated. It has been an eye opener for much of the American public.

We might do well to have Bill Cosby talk to some black reverends. Don’t hold your breath; however, he has already been labeled an Uncle Tom by many of them. Obama would stand a better chance to be President if he belonged to the church of Cosby than the Trinity United Church of Christ. He is neither a savior nor the devil. He is just a man. He is also another politician who made a bad choice. A choice that grows increasingly less impressive with each passing day. A choice that shed a bright light on one of the reasons why there need not be much optimism on the progress of race relations in this country regardless of who is President.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Boston Tea Party ...(America's Choice)

There has been a debate in the Democratic Party over who is better prepared to answer the phone in the White House at 3 a.m. In her commercial Hillary Clinton said she has the experience to take such an important call. Barack Obama countered Hillary’s commercial with one of his very own. He said he was the best candidate to take that call because of his ability to use proper judgment in a crisis situation. Well, it didn’t take long to poke a hole in that argument. Barack Obama’s poor use of judgment should disqualify him from being President of the United States.

Barack Obama has been attending the same church for twenty years. Yes, that is twenty years not twenty days or twenty months. It can therefore be said that in Barack Obama’s best judgment this church made him feel comfortable. The length of time he spent as a parishioner there provides a reasonable person with telling evidence about his views.

I am not naïve enough to think Churches like Trinity United Church of Christ in his hometown of Chicago don’t exist. I am certain there are hundreds of them throughout the United States. I am also certain this church does many community works that help its neighborhood and region. People have a right to attend this church or any church or even no church at all. I do believe he cannot attend this church with this type of minister for twenty years and continue as a candidate for President.

If Barack Obama were a Republican his candidacy would be over, because he is a Democrat well, not so much. Although he is leading the Democratic Primary race, his close association with an anti-American minister he has called his spiritual mentor should be all that is needed to choose Hillary Clinton. She is running an extremely close second so it really should be a no brainer. I have said to friends that if I had to choose between the two candidates on the Democratic side, I would choose Obama. I want the Clinton and Bush years to be OVER. I am tired of the dynasties. Obama’s poor judgment over the last twenty years has changed my mind.

It is said who one has as friends says a lot about you. The Obama’s were married and had their children baptized by their minister, a very closed friend. Their minister was also on his election committee. Barack Obama knows his minister very, very well. He also is well aware of the anti-American views of his minister. I would even suggest Obama has used his minister’s views as a type of “street cred” with his constituents. The somewhat controversial statements of Michelle Obama during this primary season now have a totally different context to them after hearing the rantings of their long-time minister. It is just a hunch but I think there may be many people in that congregation who are finally in their adult lives proud to be Americans.

American Presidents have often had ministers counsel them during difficult times. The reverend Billy Graham has done so for many Presidents. It would be a national disgrace for Obama’s minister to visit the White House in such a manner. The Left has demonized the current President, George Bush, for his open Christianity. These same people are telling us Obama can sit in the same church for twenty years but doesn’t have to share the views of his minister. While contradictions such as this are commonplace in politics, candidate Obama is supposed to represent a new kind of politics. He says referring to the preaching of his minister is just politics as usual. This is a tactic that should not work.

Obama believes his judgment about not going into Iraq shows us he has what it takes to be President. It is my belief that now his national AND personal judgments show us he is unfit for the job. People are free to worship in the church of their preference but Presidential hopefuls face scrutiny about all their choices. For twenty years Mr. Obama has made his choice. America’s choice should now be between Clinton or McCain.