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University A Conservative Harvest: A Boston Tea Party ...(America's Choice)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Boston Tea Party ...(America's Choice)

There has been a debate in the Democratic Party over who is better prepared to answer the phone in the White House at 3 a.m. In her commercial Hillary Clinton said she has the experience to take such an important call. Barack Obama countered Hillary’s commercial with one of his very own. He said he was the best candidate to take that call because of his ability to use proper judgment in a crisis situation. Well, it didn’t take long to poke a hole in that argument. Barack Obama’s poor use of judgment should disqualify him from being President of the United States.

Barack Obama has been attending the same church for twenty years. Yes, that is twenty years not twenty days or twenty months. It can therefore be said that in Barack Obama’s best judgment this church made him feel comfortable. The length of time he spent as a parishioner there provides a reasonable person with telling evidence about his views.

I am not naïve enough to think Churches like Trinity United Church of Christ in his hometown of Chicago don’t exist. I am certain there are hundreds of them throughout the United States. I am also certain this church does many community works that help its neighborhood and region. People have a right to attend this church or any church or even no church at all. I do believe he cannot attend this church with this type of minister for twenty years and continue as a candidate for President.

If Barack Obama were a Republican his candidacy would be over, because he is a Democrat well, not so much. Although he is leading the Democratic Primary race, his close association with an anti-American minister he has called his spiritual mentor should be all that is needed to choose Hillary Clinton. She is running an extremely close second so it really should be a no brainer. I have said to friends that if I had to choose between the two candidates on the Democratic side, I would choose Obama. I want the Clinton and Bush years to be OVER. I am tired of the dynasties. Obama’s poor judgment over the last twenty years has changed my mind.

It is said who one has as friends says a lot about you. The Obama’s were married and had their children baptized by their minister, a very closed friend. Their minister was also on his election committee. Barack Obama knows his minister very, very well. He also is well aware of the anti-American views of his minister. I would even suggest Obama has used his minister’s views as a type of “street cred” with his constituents. The somewhat controversial statements of Michelle Obama during this primary season now have a totally different context to them after hearing the rantings of their long-time minister. It is just a hunch but I think there may be many people in that congregation who are finally in their adult lives proud to be Americans.

American Presidents have often had ministers counsel them during difficult times. The reverend Billy Graham has done so for many Presidents. It would be a national disgrace for Obama’s minister to visit the White House in such a manner. The Left has demonized the current President, George Bush, for his open Christianity. These same people are telling us Obama can sit in the same church for twenty years but doesn’t have to share the views of his minister. While contradictions such as this are commonplace in politics, candidate Obama is supposed to represent a new kind of politics. He says referring to the preaching of his minister is just politics as usual. This is a tactic that should not work.

Obama believes his judgment about not going into Iraq shows us he has what it takes to be President. It is my belief that now his national AND personal judgments show us he is unfit for the job. People are free to worship in the church of their preference but Presidential hopefuls face scrutiny about all their choices. For twenty years Mr. Obama has made his choice. America’s choice should now be between Clinton or McCain.


At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, if it quacks like a duck.... Thats what PS is, a neo con duck. A duck who had to dive REALLY deep into the barrel to find dirt on Obama. I am sure Karl Rove is proud of him!

As I see it, Obama is being attacked here for going to church. Now THATS a sin worthy of dragging him through the muck on, isn't it? Guilt by association.. What has the Rev. Wright done that makes Obama a bad person? Would someone PLEASE clarify this. I did a search, and all I found is 3... yes, count them, 3... cherry picked quotes out of 40 years of published sermons. 3 quotes which out of context can be construed as treasonous.

What are these quotes about one may ask? oops... I forgot, these details are irrelevant to any Rove Sycophant or PS would have actually quoted them... Instead he just glossed over the minor detail of what he is accusing someone of. The quotes are about war and racial inequity. Seems its anti American and racist to believe in peace and equality.

So, Obama is guilty of going to church with a preacher who teaches about peace and equality.... Karl Rove really WOULD be proud of you PS...



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